Alarm Clock

The Alarm Clock Software Download offers here is a easy to use Software Utility to Setup and Use Alarm Clock. The Software offered can easily display alert(s) in the form of playing .mp3 file or speaking out configurable text. The Snooze Alarm Operations is also supported by the Alarm Clock Software Download. Download Alarm Clock for your Computer / PC running Windows and setup Alarm easily.

Alarm Clock Main Screen on Windows Vista

Alarm Clock for Daily Alarms

Download Alarm Clock for Setting up Alarms Daily at Specified Time of the Day. Choose from available sound files such as .mp3 or .wav, etc or use your favourite audio or video file for alarm. Try out Alarm Clock for Daily Alarms for Free.

Main Window of Alarm Clock for Daily Alarms Select from available tunes for alarm

Alarm Clock Registration

Register and find more information about Alarm Clock Software Utility.

Shutdown Timer

Shutdown Timer can auto Shutdown computer,Restart computer,Log Off signed on User after 1 to 120 minutes. Works on Windows XP, Vista and Other Windows Operating Systems. Trial version does not have any nagging pop-ups.

Shutdown Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and more

Contact Us : In case you feel that any feature would have been implemented in a better way in the Alarm Clock Utility. We have added many features and made the alarm clock program as a useful utility for your computer. Do Contact Us in case you would like to have another useful feature in the alarm clock and make it more useful for your computer.

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